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Aston martin lagonda

Aston Martin

Aston Martin continues to expand its presence around the world. With the official dealer network now spanning more than 160 locations in 53 countries our support network and company infrastructure is the largest in Aston Martin's history. To contact an Aston Martin regional office location please use the details below.

Aston Martin Lagonda Global Headquarters

The embodiment of Aston Martin and its cars, reflecting the power of the idea, the beauty of advanced technical solutions and the soul which comes from hands creating our iconic model range.


Aston Martin Lagonda Production & Technology Centre

St Athan brings employment opportunities to South Wales with up to 750 new roles created. The first technicians have been recruited and are training at Gaydon for the roles they will take up at the new plant.


Aston Martin Lagonda Global Headquarters

The embodiment of Aston Martin and its cars, reflecting the power of the idea, the beauty of advanced technical solutions and the soul which comes from hands creating our iconic model range.


For more than half a century Newport Pagnell was the heart of Aston Martin. This historic, yet state-of-the-art facility now forms a key part of our expansion, with production returning in 2017 to create the special run of 25 DB4 G.T. Continuation cars.

AMR Performance Centre

The AMR Nürburgring Performance Centre located adjacent to the famous Nürburgring circuit is a testament to the marque’s racing prowess and commitment to tireless development of new and existing product.


Aston Martin Test and Development Centre

Announced in June 2018, the Aston Martin Test and Development Centre at Silverstone will become a new hub for prototype vehicle testing, focused on chassis dynamics and high-speed handling.

The House of Aston Martin Aoyama is located on the renowned Aoyama Dori in Tokyo, and covers three floors with vehicle displays, a shop and entertaining space.


Chase Point

Purchasing, body-in-white assembly

London, Soho Square

Commercial operations, event space

Milton Keynes

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing joint projects, design studio, commercial operations


Special Vehicle Operations, Prototype development

Wolverton Mill

Parts distribution

Aston Martin Lagonda Asia Pacific, 8 Marina View, 41-05 Asia Square Tower 1, Singapore, 018960

Aston Martin Lagonda, Unit 2907-2908, Raffles City Office Tower, No. 268 Xi Zang Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China 20001

Aston Martin Lagonda of Europe, GmbH, Unterschweinstiege 2-14, 60549, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Aston Martin The Americas, 9920 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618, USA

Aston Martin

Aston Martin Lagonda is the world’s only independent luxury car group with more than 100 years of design and automotive excellence across two brands. We strive to be the great British car company that creates the most beautiful and accomplished automotive art in the world.

Aston Martin is the iconic British sport car brand that has stood for beautiful, hand-crafted cars that are exhilarating to drive since 1913.

The Lagonda brand, founded in 1904, is being revived as the world’s first luxury car brand exclusively driven by zero emission powertrain technologies.

The Corporate Officer team of Aston Martin Lagonda Limited is responsible for the efficient running of the day-to-day operations and governance of the Group.

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Our ‘Second Century Plan’ is the roadmap for the transformation of Aston Martin Lagonda.

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A rich and prestigious heritage defines Aston Martin Lagonda.

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Through partnerships we can create products and experiences with a common passion for perfection, an eye for beauty and unequalled craftsmanship.

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Aston Martin Lagonda continues to expand its presence around the world, with company infrastructure now the largest in its history and companywide employment set to reach 5,000 by 2022.

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Aston Martin

Lagonda aims to be the world’s first zero emission luxury brand – a reinvention of the world-renowned luxury marque, unapologetically taking full advantage of the latest advances in emission-free powertrain and autonomous driving technologies.

Our intention is a bold yet simple one – to redefine luxury travel by challenging the status quo to create next-generation, hand-built, automotive luxury for the world’s most discerning customers. Using cutting edge design to create technologically radical, visually spectacular, thoroughly modern and ultra-luxurious vehicles, Lagonda will prove that the old conflicts – those between high performance and zero emissions, technological sophistication and the purest luxury – are conflicts no more.

The Lagonda ‘Vision Concept’ is a near future study that provides the first clues to the Lagonda models of the future. It dispenses with the horse and carriage design, and our new concept shows the scope of design opportunities offered by electric powertrains. The Vision Concept showcases Lagonda design ingenuity, being both far shorter and lower than traditional limousines. The exceptional space efficiency achieved by its radical design means there is room inside for four adults, each of two metres height or more, to stretch out in luxurious comfort. The cabin, designed in collaboration with David Linley, uses British wools, silks and cashmere in total harmony with some of the most modern materials known to man, such as carbon fibre and ceramic tiles.

The Lagonda Vision Concept also anticipates a world with a high level of autonomy. Its design is commensurate with level four autonomous driving, meaning the car is capable of driving itself in all routine circumstances and on all recognisable roads. As a result, the steering wheel can not only move from left- to right-hand drive according to need, but also in autonomous mode it can retract entirely, allowing front seat passengers to rotate 180 degrees to engage in face to face conversation with those in the back.

To experience Lagonda is to be reintroduced to the wonder of travel and to discover a brand-new way to move. Lagonda will remain faithful to the forward thinking, ever adventurous spirit of Wilbur Gunn who founded Lagonda in 1904, challenging conventions to not only create a new kind of car, but to realise a new era of luxury travel.

From our earliest beginnings to now, the story of Lagonda is one of movement. Our founder, Wilbur Gunn, was a restless pioneer who saw the world differently and constantly sought to push the boundaries of how we travel, inventing new and better ways to move.

An opera-singing machine engineer, Gunn was driven by a fascination for the possibilities of the latest technologies. That spirit of exploration and progressive innovation was the cornerstone of the Lagonda Motor Company. Founded in 1904, it was named for the fast-flowing Lagonda Creek river that ran through Gunn’s home town of Springfield, Ohio. Over one-hundred years later, his unique spirit of challenging conventions remains hard-coded in our DNA.

Gunn left America at the turn of the last century and settled in west London, where he began to perfect all sorts of machines to propel humans faster, further and better. From his glasshouse workshop he made motorcycle and marine engines, conceiving of a double-expansion steam engine that powered the legendary “Giralda”, at that time the fastest steam yacht on the Thames.

Ever pioneering, it wasn’t long before Lagonda grew into a factory, creating tri-cars and four-wheeled carriages. “Torpedo”, a car which Gunn used to win the Moscow to St. Petersburg time trial of 1910, was decades ahead of its time. Inventive trailing arm rear suspension, unique monocoque construction, anti-roll bars and the first ever fly-off handbrake were just some of the visionary features that helped sell Lagondas all over the world.

Between the wars Lagonda exuded the highest standards in luxury travel, creating V12-powered limousines fit for royalty and featuring its patented Silent Travel design. Better still, Lagondas continued to set new speed and endurance benchmarks, notably winning Le Mans in 1935. Seeing its potential, David Brown purchased the company for £52,500 in 1947, forming Aston Martin Lagonda and forging ahead with all-new ultra-luxury cars like the exquisite four-door Lagonda Rapide.

Technological advances captured the imagination of Lagonda like never before in the 1970s, leading to the creation of one of the most revolutionary cars the world has ever seen. The arresting William Towns designed Lagonda V8 was emblematic of the wonder of travel, fusing the very best technologies and electronics with the most opulent luxury to produce a phenomenally striking and balanced grand tourer.

Today, the world turns its attention once again to a revitalised Lagonda; inventing new and better ways to move, at the intersection of the very best of luxury and cutting-edge technology.

Aston Martin Lagonda - это... Что такое Aston Martin Lagonda?

Aston Martin Lagonda — это легковой автомобиль класса «люкс», выпускавшийся Aston Martin в Ньюпорт Пагнелл (Newport Pagnell), Великобритания с 1974 по 1990 год. За всё время производства выпущено 645 экземпляров. Название дано в честь марки Lagonda, приобретённой Aston Martin в 1947 году.


В середине 1970-х годов Aston Martin столкнулся с финансовыми трудностями. Преодолеть их могло только введение новой модели. Традиционными для Aston Martin являлись спортивные автомобили «2+2». Выпущенная в 1974 году Lagonda имела кузов 4-дверный седан и сразу обратила на себя взоры потенциальных обеспеченных покупателей[1].

Автомобиль был разработан Уильямом Таунсом (William Towns) и имел классический угловатый стиль, характерный для многих автомобилей 1970-х годов. Машина имела роскошный кожаный салон и полный комплект контрольно-измерительных приборов. Трансмиссия — автоматическая 3-ступенчатая «TorqueFlite» производства Chrysler, двигатель — V8 с четырёхкамерным карбюратором. Series 3 оснащалась впрыском топлива.

Lagonda собирались вручную и были одними из самых дорогих седанов своего времени, наряду с Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit/Silver Spur и Bentley Mulsanne.

Lagonda являлась первым автомобилем в мире, имевшим встроенный компьютер и цифровую приборную панель, подверженную, однако, частым поломкам. Стоимость разработки электроники в четыре раза превысила затраты на разработку собственно автомобиля[2]. Series 3 использовала электронно-лучевые трубки, бывшие ещё менее надёжными.

По мнению «Bloomberg Businessweek», Lagonda вошла в список пятидесяти самых некрасивых автомобилей за последние пятьдесят лет[3].


Lagonda подразделяется на четыре серии — оригинальная Series 1 и последовавшие Series 2, Series 3 и Series 4.

Series 1 (1974—1975)

Series 1, имевшая длинную колёсную базу и 4-дверный кузов Aston Martin V8, впервые представлена в 1974 году на Лондонском автосалоне. Она базировалась на узлах модели DBS и носила имя Lagonda после Rapide 1961 года[4]. Двигатель — V8 объёмом 5,3 л, трансмиссия — 5-ступенчатая автоматическая или механическая[5]. Выпущено всего семь экземпляров[6].

Series 2 (1976—1985)

Series 2 Интерьер Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2 1982 года

Новая Lagonda V8 с «клиновидным» кузовом представлена на Лондонском автосалоне 1976 года. В 1977 году её цена составляла £32,620[7], однако поставки начались лишь в 1979 году. Series 2 оснащались цифровой приборной панелью до 1980 года. В 1980 году стоимость составляла уже £49,933, что было намного больше, чем у Ferrari 400 или Maserati Kyalami, но несколько меньше, чем у Rolls-Royce Corniche[8]. В США поставки начались в 1982 году[9].

Series 3 (1986—1987)

Series 3 выпускалась только в течение одного года и имела двигатель с впрыском топлива, а также приборной панелью с электронно-лучевыми трубками, аналогичной использовавшейся на некоторых моделях Vauxhall и Opel. Внешне она ничем не отличалась от Series 2.

Series 4 (1987—1990)

Series 4 представлена на Женевском автосалоне в марте 1987 года. Она получила внешний рестайлинг от Уильяма Таунса, новую решётку радиатора и 16-дюймовые колёса. Всего выпущено 105 экземпляров Series 4. Последний автомобиль собран в январе 1990 года[10].

По состоянию на 2011 год, 81 машина зарегистрирована в Великобритании (в 1994 году — 94)[11].

Специальные версии

Универсал Lagonda Shooting-brake от «Roos Engineering»

Нестандартные варианты Lagonda включали:

  • Tickford Lagonda (1983) — пять экземпляров Series 2 с обвесами и обновлённым интерьером.
  • Tickford limousine (1984) — четыре длиннобазных Lagonda стоимостью £110,000.
  • Rapide (2-дверный, с короткой колёсной базой) — выпущен в единственном экземпляре.
  • Shooting-brake (универсал) — выпущен швейцарской компанией «Roos Engineering» в 1998 году из модели 1987 года в единственном экземпляре[12][13].


  • Lagonda Net  (англ.). Проверено 6 января 2012.

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