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New jimny suzuki

2019 Suzuki Jimny UK pricing revealed

Like its predecessor, the new Jimny is built on a ladder-frame chassis, but it now has additional crossmembers to increase rigidity. It also gets three-link rigid axle suspension for off-road agility. The fourth-generation model has been developed with the feedback of existing Jimny owners in mind, who rank its effective off-road capabilities and robustness more highly than on-road performance.

Suzuki claims the Jimny can drive up inclines with a 37deg approach angle and a 49deg departure angle. Ground clearance is 210mm.

We took a drive in the new Jimny - take a look

The car's design reflects its 4x4 status, taking influence from earlier Jimnys through the simple, box-shaped body, vertical grille and round headlights with separate indicators. Much of the design appears similar to that applied to the latest Mercedes-Benz G-Class, such as the squared-off wheel arches and tail-lights located low on the bumper.

The Jimny's interior, meanwhile, gains modern features such as a 7.0in touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth. However, the overall design remains chunky, with function favoured over form to enable users to operate controls and buttons while wearing gloves.

New safety systems have also been added, including automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and traffic sign detection, the latter being a first for any Suzuki model.

Two folding rear seats allow for up to 377 litres of luggage space, which is 53 litres more than in the old Jimny. The new model rides 20mm higher on 15in alloy wheels, but overall length has reduced slightly to 3480mm.

The larger Vitara is currently Suzuki's best-selling model, achieving UK sales of about 12,000 units per year, and further growth is expected.

Suzuki Jimny: See The Changes Side-By-Side

The new Suzuki Jimny is here – well, sort of. Suzuki makes the very odd decision to release a photo gallery of the tough, little off-roaders next generation, but the automaker accompanies the pictures with few technical details about the vehicle. The specs don't arrive until the official unveiling on July 5. Suzuki's choice to split up publishing the images and the rest of the specifics doesn't make much sense, but it does provide a great opportunity to compare the latest model's appearance (always on the left in comparisons below) with the previous one (right).

Front: Get Out The Chisel

The Suzuki Jimny has never been a sleek vehicle, but the previous one at least had a few curves on the hood and for the fenders. The new one is the definition of chiseled styling with nary an arched line in sight. The hood is now flat, except for two very small creases, and the nose is blunt. An available two-tone styling package adds a black grille, lower fascia, and roof, and these parts' contrasting color draws even more attention to the angular design. The round headlights are still there, and they lose the boxy housing around them from the old Jimny, so the new model gains a retro appearance. The fenders are now flat on top and appear to provide even more wheel clearance for bashing around off-road.

Profile: Like A Little Wrangler

The new Jimny's boxy, retro styling is evident in the model's profile, too. The lower side cladding from later versions of the previous vehicle is gone, which accentuates the size of the latest version's fenders. The result is an even tougher looking machine. In what's likely a functional touch, the driver and passenger side windows gain a divot, which should provide a better view of the mirrors. Where the last generation's second-row window has a kink that slices off a corner, Suzuki's designers now switch to a square design.

Rear: More Access

At the tail, Suzuki cleans up the design by incorporating all of the lighting into the lower bumper. This means the rear door can be wider because the designers no longer have to pinch it in to fit around the brake lights. In case of trouble, there's still a spare tire mounted back there. Big, exposed hinges and body-color tow hooks provide the visual message that this little off-roader means business.

Cabin: The Future Is Now

Inside, the new Jimny has a far more modern looking cabin. A touchscreen infotainment system now sits at the top of the center stack, and there's another small display between the two, large gauges in the instrument cluster. Traditional knobs are still present for controlling the HVAC system, but metal trim makes them look for more stylish than on the previous model. Suzuki's photos show the availability of a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic gearbox. Four-wheel drive with a two-speed transfer case should make it very tough to get stuck. 

Under the Hood: Lots Of Options

Suzuki has announced the Jimny's powertrain range but hasn't yet outlined the engine's specifications. In Japan, the little SUV will be available a 660cc engine to comply with the country's kei car requirements or a 1.5-liter powerplant. Europeans have the choice of the larger mill, a 1.2-liter four-cylinder, and a turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder.

More details on the new Suzuki Jimny

The new Suzuki Jimny is simply adorable. This is a fact and it is undisputed. The latest version of the baby off-roader is coming to our roads soon, and we should really be preparing a ticker-tape parade.

Today, we learn more details about this fourth-generation car, and thus, you will learn them also. There’s a ladder-frame chassis, three-link rigid axle suspension with coil springs, part-time four-wheel-drive and a low range transfer gear.

It is, in Suzuki’s words, “designed for professionals”. Professional cuddlers, clearly. Honestly, look at it.

Powering the boxy, baby G-Wagen (it’s about the same length and width of a Citroen C1, but taller, obvs) is a 1.5-litre four-pot engine, replacing Suzuki’s old 1.3-litre, good for 101bhp and 96lb ft of torque. Though no 0-62mph is given, a Jimny equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox is capable of a 90mph top speed. Go for the four-speed auto ‘box, and that drops to 87mph. It matters not.

Principally because it’s light, at just 1,090kg (manual), or 1,110kg (auto). In normal operating circumstances it’s front-wheel-drive, but you can switch to either the four-wheel-drive ‘4H’ setting (with a high gear), and ‘4L’ (low gear). That last mode allows for better traction if you decide to venture into the unknown.

Which you can, with gleeful abandon. The approach angle is 37 degrees, the departure angle 49 degrees (a new G-Class, for example, records 31 and 30 degrees respectively). There’s even traction control that brakes the slipping wheels. Insert your very own terrier jokes here.

So yeah, it’ll off-road nicely. On normal roads? Suzuki has fitted a new steering damper on the front suspension to help smooth out the ride quality. Plus, there’s more room than before: 377 litres of boot space with the rear seats folded make it 53 litres roomier than its predecessor, and it’s flat, too, for easy packing.

Then there’s the stuff you can quite easily see. That boxy silhouette, a scratch and stain-resistant instrument panel and dash, grips and switches that can be used while wearing gloves (hey there, old Discovery!). There’s even a 7in touchscreen on higher trim models.

It’ll recognise traffic signs, read speed limit signs and display it on the meter, provide collision warnings (alerts or applying brake force if it senses DANGER), lane departure warning and even a weaving alert function.

You can choose from eight colours including two specially developed for this car – yellow or green. No word on prices but the current Jimny starts at just under £13k. Get saving.

2018 Suzuki Jimny Fully Leaked Inside And Out

In March 2016, we showed you the first official images of the latest Suzuki Swift courtesy of a few shots taken during a dealer presentation, long before the supermini’s actual debut in the metal. Today we are getting a feeling of déjà vu as the new Jimny is making headlines in the very same way – through official slides presented during what must have been a Suzuki presentation.

“Finally” is what some people are going to say considering the third generation has been around since 1998. The design appears to be a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” since Suzuki’s team in charge of styling has played it safe by taking the evolutionary route. Don’t get as wrong, that’s actually a good thing since the new-for-2018 Jimny looks downright adorable like all the other models before it.

The white one depicted above is likely an entry-level version judging by the steel wheels, while the slideshow showing a quartet of Jimnys reveals how upper-spec trim levels with two-tone exteriors are going to look like. No word about the off-roader’s size, but from what we can see, Suzuki hasn’t visibly altered the proportions as it will continue to be quite small.

12 Photos

We also have some rather funny spy shots of a prototype undergoing testing on public roads while disguised to look like a downsized Mercedes G-Class. The attached pictures remind us of an old Jimny transformed into a G63 6x6 clone we talked about earlier in the year.

Getting back to the slider images, one of them allows us to take a good look inside. The right-hand-drive example has a significantly changed cabin compared to the outgoing model, with the infotainment’s screen positioned up high on the center console. Below sits a pair of square air vents featuring a different design than those on the sides, which frankly look like they’ve been carried over from the outgoing generation.

The Jimny illustrated in the official image was fitted with an automatic transmission and had a steering wheel quite similar to that of the Swift. Speaking of which, the supermini’s three rotary dials on the center stack will likely make the transition towards the next Jimny, but with a few changes.

Very few technical details are known at the moment of writing, but the next-gen model is rumored to employ Suzuki’s Allgrip Pro 4x4 system for true off-roading capabilities enhanced by low-range gearing. It will not ride on the same platform as the Ignis and Baleno since it’s expected to retain the ladder frame construction. As for power, the turbocharged 1.0-liter BoosterJet three-cylinder unit could be in the offing, along with a smaller turbo 0.66-liter and a naturally aspirated 1.2-liter mill.

When will we see it? Considering today’s substantial leak, Suzuki might want to host the world premiere late October at the Tokyo Motor Show, with a market launch set for early 2018. It won’t be in Frankfurt next month as the new Swift Sport will be the company’s main star at the event.

Slider photos: Automedia

Spy photos: CarPix

5 Photos

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